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Discover how to transform your home in 2022

Here at Open Plan Space, we love creating beautiful spaces and helping transform how you live, whether it’s a kitchen knock through to bring the family together of an evening or a rear extension for families who have outgrown their home.

In recent years homeowners have begun to take note and appreciate their living space more than ever and the importance of functionality. With Wirral house prices increasing by as much as 35% through the pandemic, homeowners are opting to renovate and refurbish their homes rather than go through the stress of moving home. Here are some ways to transform how you live.

Let there be light!

With the advancement of technology in raw materials and building methods, gone are the days of conservatories and garden rooms being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. For our extensions and open plan living projects the products we use here at Open Plan Space offer brilliant thermal efficiency, preventing heat loss and being energy efficient. There are many ways to bring the outside in, whether that be through the installation of a roof light, roof lantern, roof skylight or sky tunnel or even bi fold doors. There is a product for almost any eventuality, it has never been easier to bring natural light into your home!

Another option for adding natural light and the feeling of space in your home would be to add a vaulted ceiling. This can completely transform your space and should be a top consideration for any kitchen refurbishment.

Kitchen Extension

With the vast majority of housing stock in the Wirral comprising of properties built in years gone by, kitchens tend to be a small room tucked away and separated from the rest of the home, not suited to modern family living, as the saying goes “the kitchen is the heart of the home”, and this trend hasn’t changed. There are countless benefits to having a kitchen extension added to your property such as an open plan layout can help create a host of kitchen design opportunities and variations to suit your needs and greater improved family living. A welcoming open, bright space which is a must for any modern home.

Kitchen extensions are our most requested enquiry here at Open Plan Space Wirral and it is no surprise considering the return on investment can not only add value to your home but also completely change the way you live, without having to move.

If you need help transforming your home contact at us anytime at [email protected] or on 077424 88755.

open plan space wirral building builders builder loft conversion extension knock through refurb refurbishment renovation
Wirral extension? What to consider

Wirral extension – extending your home, what do you need to consider?

From your vision to a concept

If you are considering having any of the following works done to your home,  you may need architectural drawings to be done for you:

  • Loft Conversion
  • Garage Conversion
  • Extension
  • Renovations 
  • Open Plan Living  

Wirral extensions are a considerable change to your home can be a daunting decision and it is hard to know where to begin. That is why taking time to meet meet and discuss your needs with an architect can help you get set on your way, as well as save you money down the line. Architectural drawings will provide an understanding of what your concept will look like and how it will be achieved. Open Plan Space have created many Wirral extensions – get in touch to see how we can help.

Wirral extensions
Example of a Wirral extension proposed plan

Developing your plans

In the developing stages of your Wirral extension concept, plans will give you an idea as to what your project will look like and provide you with the opportunity to discuss other options available to your space and make any amendments accordingly. With our experience in the building industry, if your project is straight forward or doesn’t have many technical aspects to it, we can work to the basic drawings provided and liaise with building regulations and other relevant authorities throughout the project. This will bring your concept to life without any further architectural costs. 

For considerable alterations or more technical projects which may require planning permission, further in-depth drawings will be required. These will detail the specification of the building process and materials required to provide a high quality finished project. This would detail many elements, which can include, the millimeter position of doorway in a room and required depths of a foundation to an extension, to the materials used such as breathable waterproof membranes and vapor resistant insulation. 

The plans with also be used “on site” throughout the building process as they will be a guide for all materials and technical data required for the job, helping to create a clear plan and staged process to create your dream space.

open plan space wirral building builders builder loft conversion extension knock through refurb refurbishment renovation
Wirral builders and much more

Wirral Builders And Much More

Open Plan Space are more than Wirral builders. We were established on The Wirral as an all encompassing building service offering all aspects of building services from small plastering jobs to complete refurbishments and has grown rapidly throughout the Wirral, Liverpool and Cheshire. Although the company has expanded we have not lost our personal touch. Open Plan Space thrives on a close working relationship with its clients throughout the whole project to maintain and achieve job satisfaction, you will only have one person to deal with your project which we find to be more efficient and makes it much easier for you throughout the job. From Wirral builders to complete project management and communication. We understand having work in your home can be stressful and that’s why we pride ourselves on a clean and reliable service providing quality work and customer satisfaction

Wirral builders
Wirral builders – and full project management

Are you looking to have your property refurbished?

Are you looking for Wirral builders who will transform your new home? We can help not just with the building but also bring your ideas to life. Whether you have just bought a house and want to add your own personal touch, or your existing property is in need of TLC, refurbishments not only make your house feel like a proper home: they will almost certainly add value to the property and could also reduce energy costs.The average home improvement would add a healthy 10% to the value of a home, according to research from peer-to-peer platform Zoopla. Those who build conservatories come out top on returns on their investment, with a potential increase of 108%.Here at Open Plan Space we offer vast array of skills along with clear and honest project time-scales, taking as much weight off your shoulders as possible. We will help you every step of the way from the off-set, with a free no obligation quote. This involves going over the property with you and listening to what you would like, while also offering our professional advice and design ideas for your property. We always aim to offer Cost-Effective Refurbishment Services, with many testimonials from happy clients to corroborate this.It can be hard to visualise your dream home before work is undertaken. That is why we value your input throughout the project, to see if there’s anything else that can be altered or added for you, throughout the job. We pride ourselves on job satisfaction and will give you regular updates on how we are progressing regarding meeting the time schedule.Open Plan Space offer highly affordable prices for all the work we do. Our aim is to offer the most competitive price for the best quality work imaginable

More than Wirral builders