An understandable concern which can make a homeowner hesitant from having building work carried out in their home is horror stories from friends and relatives or television programmes with builders from hell. It’s not uncommon to hear stories of homeowners who have accepted the cheapest quote or handed over a large deposit with no due diligence in asking for references or referrals, finding their project going into disarray with builders taking on too much work and disappearing to other jobs in a juggling act, trying to please everyone.


With Open Plan Space, you can be assured that we will do our upmost to keep your project on track and limit any hold ups that might occur. We take care of, and itemise every stage in your project process from concept to completion. Working as a close-knit team over the years, this has allowed for cohesion between the trades and the building process. Fantastic communication across the board ensures trade requirements are met and materials are delivered to site promptly, helping to limit any time delays that may occur to your project. This allows you to carry on with your normal routine. We value a close relationship and work in partnership with our clients,  regular communication throughout the project,  answering queries and providing updates, is fundamental to our success.